Our Beginning

Reconcile Foundation bloomed at an interesting time in Founder, Zachary Avina's life. Events converged to a single point of clarity. While in law school taking a Criminal Procedure course and exploring fellowship options after graduation, a close friend fell into the criminal justice system.

Since then, Zach has tirelessly pursued criminal justice reform and equal justice initiatives in San Diego County, volunteered at local prisons and jails, and attempted to educate the community about his causes.

Our Mission ⚘

Fostering re-entry fairness, one step at a time.

Our Vision ⚘

We dream of a world where people are judged by the substance of their character, rather than by the misgivings of their past decisions—and through our steadfast resolve, this dream can become more than just a broken ideal.

Our Creed

Compassion is our creed. We understand that everyone suffers: the details may vary, but the struggle is the same. It is a profoundly human struggle. We understand that compassion is the foundation of all philosophies—in one form or another.

Compassion, therefore, must be our denomination. It must reside in our hearts and minds; it must be our path to change; and it must be our solitary purpose to spread it.

Our Values

 Compassion -> Only with widespread compassion can true change emerge 

 Poise -> Only with poise can stereotypes be forced to fade away 

 Purpose -> Only with a strong sense of purpose can happiness bloom ⚘