We are a Nonprofit dedicated to holistically addressing criminal justice reform. join the movement for a compassionate and open society.


Criminal justice reform is more than just a broken ideal - it's a reality that we all need to consciously and fervently strive to achieve.”

— Zachary Avina, FOUNDEr & Executive Director

What we do: 

  1. Provide "at risk" and formerly incarcerated individuals (“re-entrants”) with holistic, re-entry assistance, case management, and employment training. 
  2. Provide small businesses with compassionate management trainings, human resource planning, and counseling to facilitate employment opportunities and business growth. 
  3. Provide the public with volunteering opportunities, access to law, and community development programs.

Why We Do It: 

Approximately 9,000,000 individuals per year re-enter society from jails and prisons. But about half of them will go back to jail or prison, which costs local taxpayers about $71,000 per year per individual re-incarcerated

The problem is that re-entrants have significant barriers to opportunities in both employment and housing, creating a conundrum because they are significantly less likely to fall back into criminal behaviors if they have stable, decently paid employment. 

This "revolving door" of recidivism affects lower-income "at risk" communities, making it a public safety issue that hinders a fruitful economy.

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How we do it: 

  1. Creating and implementing parole plans that address employmenthousingeducationmental health support, and legal aid
  2. Promoting compassionate education to employers and the public; 
  3. Engaging in research-based recidivism and policy reform; and
  4. Implementing impact litigation regarding discrimination and equal justice.

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